You're in the right place to succeed in Online Business.

    With simply a computer, an internet connection, work, and determination.

    Quick results

    ⚀ Generate your first sales

    ⚁ Scale your business worldwide

    ⚂ Become financially independent

    • +4'000

      Accompanied e-commerce businesses.

    • 96%

      Customer satisfaction rates.

    • + $37 million

      Revenue generated by customers.

    Building a website that attracts customers

    Website creation.

    ✓ Attractive design.

    ✓ Intuitive navigation.

    ✓ Relevant content.

    Plug and design your products and collections

    Products integration

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

    Promote your products by advertising through social networks.

    Advertising integration.

    ✓ Generating Traffic.

    ✓ Raising Awareness About Your Business.

    ✓ Converting Visitors Into Customers.

    Receive money from your clients

    Payments integration.

    ✓ Integrate payment methods.

    ✓ Sell your products.

    ✓ No need for stock or delivery.

    • Alexandra 🇬🇧

      "There is truly a quality of training at Polygon. If at 17 years old I was able to generate $400,000 in revenue in a few months, anyone can do it..."

    • Bruno 🇵🇹

      "Over $22,000 in revenue on a first store with a +4% conversion rate, and over $42,000 in revenue on another... I was able to move to Paris."

    • Mike 🇺🇸

      "The training shows step by step, from A to Z, concretely what we have to do. It's like a GPS...
      Today, it has brought me the freedom to make my own choices and to work for my own dreams, for me, it's priceless..."

    • Stéphane 🇨🇦

      "We knew nothing with my partners, we followed the training step by step, applied all the advice. And in 1 month we made over €20,000 (with the symbol). It's amazing!"

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